Restrung Pearl NecklaceThere is no other gemstone like a pearl! They’re totally unique and require special care. Even good, white, silk string wears out over time. Your knots eventually stretch out and get dirty. Pearl restringing with knots between each pearl separates them and keeps them from scratching against each other thus protecting their outer surface and lustre. If your pearls are quote small, having knots between each pearl may not look exquisite. In this case, our usual reaction is to add a small knot every half dozen pearls or so.

If your necklace breaks, the knots will help to keep all the pearls from sliding off all at once. Obviously this would not be good in the middle of anywhere crowded or public. If your necklace shows signs of stretching, fraying or is just broken…give them a new lease of life and have them restrung. New white knots next to your pearls not only secure your precious little gems, the contrast enhances their beauty.

There are two possible obstacles to be aware of when having your pearls restrung:

  1. Your necklace or bracelet may seem shorter than before they were strung and they don’t sit in exactly the same place they did.

Your pearls are now, after stringing, much closer together, they are knotted tighter and therefore the necklace is shorter. The reason I mention this is that this query comes up a lot, especially if someone has a short pearl necklace to begin with.
Another reason for your shorter piece is that it’s possible that one or more pearls escaped out of sight and your necklace is truly shorter. If this makes your necklace or bracelet too short to wear comfortably, you’ll need to ask if your jeweller can locate matching pearls and restring your necklace with additional pearls to recreate your original length.

2. Kinky string of pearls.

When your pearls come back with their tight, neat, new knots, they may not hang loose and straight. They kink this way and that. They will relax with wear and sort themselves out in their own time, or you can speed the process by stretching them a bit yourself, but please don’t go nuts though!

For more information about arranging your restringing or costs involved please visit our Pearl Restringing page