Designs by Kerri A Lee offer the full range pearl, bead and semi-precious stone bracelet and necklace restringing; a wide range of materials can be used to do this from silk for pearls to steel wire for some heavy semi- precious stones.

Your beloved piece will be restrung to the very highest standard, photographed for e-mailing  and approval then returned by special delivery so you have total peace of mind. Pearl restringing at Designs by Kerri A lee is completed by Kerri herself and will bring your pearls and beads back to their brilliant best.

Your pearls or beads can be restrung as a plain strand (unknotted) or knotted between each bead/pearl, we can also supply silver and gold clasps for single or multiple strands and all restringing, unless specified, is covered by our 1 year guarantee.

Please e-mail or phone if you have any questions or queries you would like to discuss there is no charge and please don’t be shy a friendly voice is waiting at the end of the line.

For further information and pricing please CLICK HERE.

Disclaimer: Please note that we offer this service via postal service and thus covers all areas nationally.