Designs by Kerri A Lee are now offering unique gold & silver jewellery products including earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  Renowned for bespoke semi-precious handmade jewellery Designs by Kerri A Lee has now put together a finished jewellery collection that presents a wonderful opportunity for our customers to immerse themselves in.

Designs by Kerri A Lee know that today’s clients have done their homework and look for specific pieces, with very little time to spare and have a good idea of what they want.  With that in mind we invite you to browse through our finished jewellery collection where you will find styles from classic to contemporary that are sure to excite and fulfill your needs.

The new finished jewellery collection will complement the bespoke semi-precious handmade jewellery that Kerri is renowned for.  As you would expect the service for these new items is as good and efficient as the handmade items, with items being received in approximately 2 working days.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call as a friendly voice is on the other end of the line and you will not feel any pressure to buy, just good advice will be offered.