Labradorite pendantStanding out from the crowd is of vital importance when going to a party or social event such is the reason that most women spend money on handbags, shoes and accessories.  High on your accessories list should be your jewellery; this is because the right pieces can easily change a great looking outfit to a sensational one as they draw attention and help you look stunning.

One way to truly be unique is to wear handmade jewellery.  Designs by Kerri A Lee specialise in making one off, bespoke, handmade, semi-precious stone jewellery.  You can opt for a custom designed necklace, bracelet, and earrings or indeed design your own and have it strung to the highest quality by Kerri herself.  It will add that high class feeling even if you are wearing a casual outfit.  The right handmade jewellery will have a major impact on how you appear to others and that is the reason you should always opt for the best.

Offering an exclusive collection of one off or limited handcrafted pieces, you can be sure of the quality and longevity of your handmade jewellery as well as competitive pricing.  Designs by Kerri A Lee, using the treasures of the earth, would love you to participate in the creative process and make your jewellery so much more personal.

Please stop and browse our shop, take time to visit the classic to the unusual.