Semi Precious Stone Necklace

Bringing you a collection of innovative and eye-catching semi precious stone jewellery we think you’ll love. Whether you require a necklace, earrings, bracelet, pendant, bridal jewellery or bangle, you will find something unusual and elegant at affordable prices. We offer a complete collection of all sorts of jewellery yielding inspiring style, touching beauty and creative design in a selection of metals, united with excellent customer relationships. Exquisite jewellery of gold, sterling, semi precious stones and exotic beads that capture the femininity, elegance and spirit of all women. Majesty, mystery, allure, luxurious colour and brilliance…these are among the qualities that draw us to semi precious and precious gemstones and metals that help inspire us to create stunning adornments that wow!

NecklaceDesigns by Kerri A Lee invite you on a journey of discovery offering select handmade creations that are more valued, as they have a smaller chance of becoming common due to their exclusivity. Bursting with colour, bolder and flashier than ever, coral, yellow, fuchsia, emerald green, pastel blue, mint and white are the shades to wear this season! Mix and match these colours for limitless choice, whether you opt for refined details, creations with explosive contrasts or unexpected colour combinations let yourself be fascinated by the diversity offered. Stop by our online shop to see the variety of semi precious stone jewellery we have to offer, if you don’t find something that moves you, please bookmark our site and return, as we update and add new designs on a regular basis.

Semi Precious Stone JewelleryEvery piece of elegant semi precious stone jewellery would make a beautiful and innovative offering for that someone special. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or a “just because” gift, who would not appreciate a timeless treasure handcrafted from finest materials? Creations that can simply rock any woman with it’s beauty and style. A well chosen necklace, bracelet or any piece of semi precious stone jewellery is not only a statement that can be made by a woman, but is a lifetime asset that will need to be taken care of conscientiously.